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Company capacity

Domestic market

  • Cooperate with more than 1000 hair salons such as TONI&GUY Wuwakeup Hair salon industry

    Hair salon industry
  • Cooperate with more than 100 such as maternal?and?infant?store Lotus Lantern, Xinjuxin chain store.

  • Cooperate with more than 20 hotels such as Four seasons hotel, Mantian hotel and so on.。

    Hotel industryHotel industry
  • Cooperate with more than 10 famous supermarket such as OLE,BLT,China?Resources supermarket.

    Supermarket industry
  • Set up shops in Tmall, Jingdong, alibaba internation website and Amazon.

    E-commerce indudtry
  • Cooperate with several Mater Children's Hospital, such as Hangzhou, Changsha Aima Maternity Hospital. Medical care industry

    Domestic market
  • Our hair dryers are hot selling in Japanese Isetan?Mitsukoshi,and so on.

    Japanese market

  • Our hair dryers are hot selling in American Walmart and so on.

    American market

Zhejiang SIAU Electric Appliance Co., LTD /Better life quality with New Technology

SIAU Electric Appliance Co., LTD aim to develop various electric appliance, all of them have feature of ultra low radiation so that endowing humans with high quality and healthy life. In the future, SIAU electric appliance transform normal electric appliance into intelligentialize.We concentrate on cooperating with partners in different industry such as trade?caravan, estate agent, Bringing perfect life to humans.Not only would we enhance self-improvement, but also contribute ourselves to social development.

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